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Welcome on GZDoom Wads, hosted by DoomWadStation
dedicated to the Graf Zahl's fabulous port
based on Zdoom: GZDoom
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 What's where...
You'll find of course specific wads for GZdoom, on pages prefixed "GZD"

and wads for Zdoom compatible GZD, 
on pages prefixed "Comp".

There are also wads made for Boom compatible ports, on pages prefixed "Boom".

Lastly, there are wads compatible with GZD
, on pages prefixed "Class".
Those classical wads were not intended to be played with any specific port,
but they are fully playable with GZD and certified free of bug.

GZW is member of " The BraC "

Wads & Pwads
Boom ClassComp GZD

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