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  2. Jive's database (available at DLW)
  3. Studied (or on the making)
    1. UltimateX
    2. Armadosia
    3. UltForever
    4. The [ZDoom Community Map] Project "Take 1"
               .... Plus 217 other selected projects !!!


Actually, I have on my computer more than 1.5 Gig of selected files (~220 wads) waiting to be studied and/or played, or already being studied carefully. I'm tracking each bug and/or error, and you can easily imagine that the job is hard. Do have in mind that all of the wads at GZW are certified free of bug and/or error, and free of trap. I hate traps!!! The authors making traps voluntary in their wad are boycotted at GZW. The ones having built their wad with an area qualified of "unwanted trap" are accepted and their trap is corrected, so that you won't find here a wad having trap(s) in it. If it happens, tell it to me!!!

I'll put here, in this "Soon" section, the most important wads being actually deeply studied, but still unfinished.
As soon as I'll have finished the study and released the concerned wad at GZW, I'll remove it from here.
Like that, you will have the possibility to enjoy immediately my selection.
Of course (but was it necessary to tell it?!?), they are NOT certified.
All bugs/errors belong to their respective author. They are copyrighted... Muhahaha!!!

You must have also in mind that the wads specific of a source port (Zdoom, GZDoom, Legacy) are quite rare.
So, most of the time, my work is done on classical wads, not dedicated to a port.
It's very rare to find a modern wad, dedicated to a port, containing uncorrected bug or error.
It happens, and sometime it's because its author didn't bother to release a corrected version ("I'll leave it as it is"), or he thought that the bug wasn't killing the gameplay and that it was possible to enjoy it like it was. My point is to don't release something when I know that there are errors, where they are and how to correct them.
So, I do the corrections and I submit the updated wad to the author. When they are ok, or when I fail to obtain an answer, I release it.
When the author don't accept, for a reason or another, I keep it for me and I release the wad with a warning concerning what I have detected and how to solve the problem.

The most recent example of a refusal comes from Cyb for his bugged Mass Mouth pwad. I made my usual edition on it and it was totally debugged, plus some awesome new features, but I didn't obtain the authorization to release it. So, it will stay in my computer!!! Yes, it's a pity, but the author has ALL the rights for HIS work, ok?
If you are pleased to complain about this refusal, Cyb will be happy to receive your emails... ;-)

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 the "Jive's database" at DLW

All are unmodified (original) versions.
As far as I will quite surely never update this page (I stopped to update DLW), it may happen that you see there a wad released here, on GZW. In such a case, it will mean that :
- it's certified GZDoom compatible and bug free.
- it's available for Legacy's users but uncertified for this particular port.

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I have actually (as of Dec 22, 2006) 20 pwads studied at the same time
Here are 4 of them

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