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The King Doom Experience (King Elvis Frontend) aka KDX

After 4 years of use, I thought that I should do something to make KDX more well known and more used.
This tool made by King Elvis on 2000, developped thanks to Visual Basic 6.0, is free and can be distributed as it is and without any change (it's under the GNU protection).
You can find on his site the source files, in case of a volunty to update it for your own use.
Well... KDX is a launcher, a frontend for all doom ports, but this release of mine is dedicated to GZDoom, even if you can use it with your own port, like Doom Legacy.
It can handle as many saved files as you want, and as many wads as you have. For Doom Legacy, it can replace its atrocious launcher.
Each of the zip file that I'm releasing is containing such a ".dfl" file. Imagine a wad having a bunch of files: one for the sprites, one for the textures, one for the maps, one dehacked, etc... With KDX, you have only ONE click to do and all the stuff will be loaded within KDX and correctly handled, even if the pwad is starting at Map07, for example. You don't have to worry about it: KDX will be advised that it must use the "warp" option for you.
As I explained it upper, it was made to simplify everything, and also to give more possibilities: on one interface (and you have the ability to customize it, like the colors used with "Kdcolor.exe"), you have everything about a wad and what you can do with it, without having to use those shitty batch files or a command line more or less hard to handle correctly.
No, I simplified it, so that it has now a weight of 6,71 Mo (7 045 643 bytes) instead of the 19 Mo of the normal setup, or even the 50 Mb of the full one, with all the needed "ocx" files (runtimes) to unzip within your Windows/system32 folder.
DOWNLOAD it here (KDX was already    times downloaded)
Don't cry anymore, baby! Dady will help you... if you tell it to him, and if you explain clearly what is happening!!!

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 New Wads for GZW

ALL the modified wads ARE authorized by the concerned author(s) !!!... (hello Paul... Nice season, hey?)
Sometimes, they didn't bother to answer my emails, but, at least, none is unauthorized.
For  example, you won't have my mods of both of the "Mass Mouth Series" made by Mike "Cyb" Watson
because... it was NOT authorized. Thus, they were nicely made, don't you think?... W. A S. !!!

As you can see it by yourself, they are sorted by their first letter (more easy for a research)
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 News about GZDoom 
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 Wads not on GZW 
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 The story of the creation of GZD - News about its update

Oct 2008
  • Saturday 11, 2008:
    • After my warning about the possibility to stop my collaboration with the Community of Doom, 1.5 year ago, I made it... I left the community, quite nobody giving me feedback, nor thanking me. So, I stopped totally to play Doom, and I totally abandonned my sites, leaving them dying or living, without any kind of interest about it. But I kept some very close friends in this community: the ones being part of The Brack. So, they kept me informed about the most important news, from time to time, the rest of the time being used for other purposes than Doom... They asked me to come back, particularly LoganMTM, currently making what will be THE best megawad ever done. So... Here am I... for some time. More news HERE

May 2007
  • Monsday May 14, 2007:
    • I am deeply involved with Classical guitar since 2 years, and I'm also a composer (you can have a look HERE to see the details), which means that I'm a bit out of Doom. And, thanks to the lack of "Thank you!" and of feed back for all my work for Doom since pretty 10 years, I plan to stop my collaboration with the Community of Doom, and to close my sites. 
    • You can also look at YouTube HERE and you'll understand that I'm far away from Doom when I compose and play music... I could perhaps maintain my sites and update them from time to time, but surely not if nobody gives me some feed back!!! I hope to be clear enough...

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July 2006
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