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  1. IC Series   (Doom II) 4029 Kb *** Made for Boom compatible ports apart Doom Legacy v1.42 ***
  2. NOKD4B      (Doom II) 1022 Kb
  3. Phobos      (Doom II) 1230 Kb
  4. Scge        (Doom II) 4280 Kb
  5. Turdburglar (Doom II) 2879 Kb  *** Made for Boom compatible ports apart Doom Legacy v1.42 ***
  6. XenusRev    (Doom  I) 2921 Kb - 6631 Kb unzipped
  7. XmasDoom2   (Doom II) 1642 Kb

XenusRev - E1M2 Download  N  XenusRev | Alter | E1M1 - E1M82007 - 2008 | Release here: Oct 11, 2008

Xenus revised (version released on 2007, revised on July 20, 2008)

"This is it, you waited for it long time, it's a remake of xenus.wad which sucked balls." (Alter)

After one year passed long away from Doom, I come back with this megawad. Perfectible, yes! Pleasant, yes! Well architectured? Definitely yes!!!
The gameplay? Darn fine! For sure, here is a pwad for whom was awaiting to have fun, without any frustration. The gameplay was thought for the purpose to give pleasure and fun, and challenge, but without damaging your nerves...

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Scge - Map06 Download  N  Scge | B. (Gunrock) & K. (The Solution) Robinson | Map01 - Map092004 - 2007 | Release here: May 15, 2007

Southern Cross (Gold Edition, dated May 15, 2007)

This pwad is made of 9 darkish moon-base themed maps for Doom 2, with new music, and the Gold Edition contains more details and a new gameplay.
"You have just defeated the two goat legged bad asses of the Phobos Anomaly. As the walls crumble down before you, you see a huge teleporter down below. Quickly you rush to the elevator from which you came from and go down outside."

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The Turdburglar Series  Download  N  Turdburglar Series | Turdburglar | 15 Maps | 1995-2004 | Release here: August 28, 2006
Turdburglar Series -  All the wads of the collection has been sorted and numbered by date of release, so that the very first to play is: "Future.wad". We have to get in mind that Ray was 15 when he made it. Then, he stopped to map. He didn't release anything until 2000, 3 years later, when he was 18!!! "I was joining the military I wouldn't be making doom levelsI didn't have much free time while in the military and don't have much free time now but I can still work on doom stuff so don't worry"... I was aware of his existence after having played a fantastic pwad nammed "Claustrophobopolis", Map30 in "OneMore2.wad", a compilation of mine. After that, I had only in mind to find the man, but nothing was possible, until I find, thanks to Google, that he was the owner of a site at doomwadstation.net
I could have do a compilation, like I'm use to do, but it would have be a shame, ruining the perfect gameplay with was carefully thought by Ray.
All the maps must be played from scratch, apart the ones compiled by Ray himself, like mancubus!!!
Ray is also the founder of the project "Congestion 1024"

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The IC Series  Download  N  IC Series | Ian Cunings | Map06-Map10 + 3 maps | 1995-2005 | Release here: August 28, 2006

The IC Doom Series -  It's a compilation made by me (Jive) of: IC2001 to IC2005, and of the IC Doom II Series (Map01-Map03).
It's fully playable with Zdoom, but I highly suggest to use GZDoom to have the benefit of the OpenGl lightings, thus it wasn't intended to be played with an OpenGl port. Why GZDoom? Because Zdoom is not OpenGl compatible, and because I like much more GZDoom. Effectively, Ian warn us that these wads could appear a bit too much dark. As far as he put lightings very well implemented, the maps are lighted, we are not annoyed by the darkness and it's fully enjoyable like that.
Personally, I don't see the point to use Zdoom when we have GZDoom... Apart if you are... "retarded" (lol) and still enjoying those horrible pixels!!!

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XmasDoom2 - Map02 Download  N  XmasDoom2 | J. Madigan & J. Lockart | Map01 - Map06 | Jan 06, 1999 | Release here: Sept. 03, 2006

DOOM XMAS wad for Doom II version 2.0, OPTIMIZED FOR TeamTnT's BOOM engine, new GFX, and a Roller Coaster !
Original levels 01,02, and sections of 03 by Justin Madigan, all BOOM optimization and other level work by Jeff Lockhart, Level 04 is based on E-THEATR.WAD (author unknown). Like usually with Jeff Lockart, don't expect anything else than shitty maps (apart the boom features, very well used...  He was a very good graphist, but a very bad mapper!!! Anyway, it's worth the download because of Justin's ones.

This is an updated version by me (Jive), the original one was bugged (Map05 unplayable, thank you Jeff. I guess that pretty nobody cared to play it after this bug). I have also replaced all of the missing sprites and corrected some of the other ones.

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NokDooM for BOOM - NokturnuS - Map01 Download  N  NOKD4B | NokturnuS | Map01 - Map0303-06-1998 | Release here: July 20, 2006

"This is the 3 first levels of my previous work, Realm of Shades, but modified for work with the mega-awesome port BOOM, by TeamTNT !! It really rocks!!!
There's no story, the levels have a kind of continuity but only you need is enter, kill and survive them.

Each one of the 3 levels can be finished with 100% kills and 100% secrets starting only with a pistol.
" (NokturnuS)

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Phobos - Roger Ritenour - Map02 Download  N  Phobos | Roger Ritenour | Map01 - Map04 | July 28, 1998 | Release here: July 17, 2006

For the purpose to make it OpenGl compatible, I had to make an edition for the light of many rooms which were totally dark. It was absolutely unplayable with those lightings, and pushing the gamma to 1.3 was effectively solving this problem, while it was creating another one: all the rooms which were really intended to be darkest were lighted!!!
It was the less worst solution...
I also improved the design of the marvelous antenna, which was too quickly done. It was surely fine for software mode, but OpenGl wasn't fine. I saved the original ones in the "Doc" repertory.
If you want to play the original version, you can have it HERE with the name of PHOBOS2 (why "2" ? Don't know!!) Thus, Roger was kind enough to tell us: "You MAY modify these levels."

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