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Here are wads compatibles with GZDoom. They were intended to be played with Zdoom.
They are not GZDoom specific (they don't content GZDoom  specific features), but GZDoom is able to handle those wads perfectly
  1. Congestion 1024 (Doom II - Zdoom)  3986 Kb
  2. Dark7           (Doom II - Zdoom)  6762 Kb *** (url toward my review_download at DWS) ***
  3. Dark7mpk        (Doom II - Zdoom)  5919 Kb *** (url toward my review_download at DWS) ***
  4. DestroyHell     (Doom II - Zdoom)  3144 Kb
  5. Distion         (Doom II - Zdoom)  5919 Kb *** (url toward my review_download at DWS) ***
  6. EarthZd         (Doom II - Zdoom)  2078 Kb
  7. Enterprise      (Doom II - Zdoom)   822 Kb
  8. Hellraiser      (Doom II - Zdoom)  8657 Kb
  9. Island          (Doom II - Zdoom)  3179 Kb
  10. Neodoom         (Doom II - Zdoom) 40798 Kb
  11. Njzd2001        (Doom II - Zdoom)  4266 Kb
  12. Paranoia        (Doom II - Zdoom)  4065 Kb
  13. Phoenix         (Doom II - Zdoom)  1776 Kb *** Made for ports allowing to jump ***
  14. Pleiades        (Doom II - Zdoom)  3807 Kb
  15. Redemption      (Doom I  - Zdoom)  3865 Kb
  16. Slipgate        (Doom II - Zdoom)  6239 Kb *** (url toward my review_download at DWS) ***
  17. Titan           (Doom II - Zdoom)  7566 Kb
  18. Urbantwl        (Doom II - Zdoom)   182 Kb
  19. Wolfen          (Hexen   - Zdoom)   182 Kb

Paranoia - Map05  Download  N  Paranoia | ReX "Gurkha Boy" Claussen | 05 Maps | Sept 25, 2000 | Release here: May 15, 2007

5 levels, set in a Military Research installation in the desert South-West of the U.S.
These levels extensively use Half Life textures, weapons, and enemies. They also feature a cool new sky, and scripting. ZDooM features include translucency, laser and force-field barriers, underwater environments, true elevators, colored lighting, fog, slippery surfaces (ice), quakes
... the list goes on.

Time to play: 3h06'

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Destroy Hell (map23)  Download  N  DestroyHell | Matthias | 32 Maps | June 2005 | Release here: May 15, 2007

Here is a full megawad made by a man from the East side of our world ( a Czech, Hungarian ? More than surely, a Czech)
His text file is using his own langage and is, of course, absolutely not understandable.
I know for sure, having made several attempts, that it's quite impossible to have a contact with mappers from East Europe.

So, take it like it is, or directly from this site (but, be aware that you'll have a bugued version...)

Time to play : 9h21'

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Titan  Download  N  TitanJesper Krag Rasmussen (Ixnatifual) | 09 Maps | Sept 23, 2004 | Release here: Oct 28, 2006
A review made by me is available at DommWadStation HERE (contains mostly what I wrote in the html file, plus screenshots)
Titan - "This is my first WAD ever "...  LOL... What will be the quality when the man will be used to map...
One week away, I released what I thought to be THE best pwad ever made ("Purgatory", by James Wilson (aka Shade, the principal mapper of the game Blood, released by Apogee Software), but this one beats it largely. Thus, I thought that it was impossible.
I said about it: "I guess that I'm myself a psycho-doom player... I won after a terrible battle engaging all my skill and my concentration. But, at the same time, I didn't have the feeling to play a nightmare at all." But here, with Titan, it's the absolute nightmare.
The last level (Map09) is containing 1304 monsters, released as several hords of hundreds of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The final Boss (in fact, they are 16) is one of the hardest monster that I had to battle with.

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Phoenix Rising  Download  N  Phoenix | Gurkha Boy | 05 Maps | May 11, 2000 | Release here: Oct 18, 2006
 It's the 50st Pwad released here!!!
Phoenix Rising5-level set with a tech-base theme, using Quake2 textures, new sprites, and a cool new sky. While not truly a hub-type of structure,  these levels are interconnected. Let's call it a quasi-hub structure, 'kay? (Rex)
All the levels are set in a single military installation. Therefore in some maps you will see inaccessible areas, or doors that cannot be opened. Most of these areas/doors are accessible in later levels.
Many times, I had to use the chainsaw to keep my ammos the more possible. With it, I killed cacodemons, demons, pain elementals and lost souls. Without it, I was quickly out of ammos... So, keep in mind that you must have balls to play this pwad, yeah baby!!! And... Save save save!!! Otherwise, you will be far too much nervous and frustrated to die so often.

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EarthZd  Download  N  EarthZd | Roger Ritenour | 10 Maps | May 24, 1999 | Release here: Oct 16, 2006

Earth - Zdoom version
 -  Based on Earth by the same author originally created for Doom II on July 19, 1997.
This episode fully accomodates ZDoom's enhancements of free-look, jumping and the Boom/ZDoom enhanced set of line specials. It also has areas of complexity and grandeur of archetecture and settings not previously possible under DoomII.
I think (but I didn't test it) that these maps should be playable with a Boom compatible port, apart Doom Legacy, unable to display properly skies made of several patches.
I tested it and it's atrocious!!!
EarthZD has a custom sky specifically made by me (Jive), the special sky patches being totally screwed, no matter the archive on the net.

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Wolfen  Download  N  Wolfen | Mouse | 5 Maps | July 02, 2004 | Release here: Oct. 01, 2006

 -  A five hubs pwad for Hexen
Please configure a "Use Aeon Attack" in the controls menu.

Pwads for Hexen are quite rare, and this one, very well noted by the community, is quite surely one of the best ones.
Yes, it was intended to be played with Zdoom, but it's obvious that GZDoom brings the awesome necessary lightings, necessary due to the fact that it's a bit dark, at least it's not well lighted and you could experiment some difficulties while playing in the darkest areas.

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Pleiades  Download  N  Pleiades | Roger Ritenour | 11 Maps | March 03, 2000 | Release here: Sept. 28, 2006

 -  Based on the Pleiades and Phobos series by the same author originally created for Doom II. There are several totally new levels included, and the original Doom II version levels are significantly reworked with new features to exploit the advantages of the ZDoom/Boom ports (water, sludge, colormaps, varying ravity, episode flow under control of the mapinfo lump, sound sequences, ambient sounds, water current, animations definition lump, and flat scrolling).
Personnaly, I begin to be tired of the confusion of the maps made by R. Ritenour. Awesome maps, right, but VERY confusing: you don't know where to go and what to do. You activate a trigger, but you don't know what's happening. And I don't tell you what was my surprise when I discovered that the Map08 was hardly bugged, so hardly that, since its creation on 2000, NOBODY was able to play it without cheating!!!

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Redemption  Download  N  Redemption | SlayeR | 9 Maps | Sept. 01, 2003 | Release here: Sept. 15, 2006

Doom Redemption
 -  A full megawad for Doom I made by Simon Jude (SlayeR), made in the same spirit than the original Ultimate Doom.
SlayeR is surely one the of the greatest contributors in the world of Doom, devoted to ZdoomGl. Like me, he felt in love of the OpenGl rendering mode and he made all his possible to help Randy (the creator of the Zdoom engine). He is also a great mapper, and his maps are always well noted by the Community.
This one is surely a must in your collection.
It doesn't integrate nor slopes, nor any other Zdoom features, but only the way to handle the maps. So, it's Zdoom specific.

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The Island  Download  N  Island | Jason Farlow | Map01 | Sept. 04, 2004 | Release here: August 14, 2006

The IslandI tried to make a tropical forest island kind of like FarCry. Hopefully I succeeded somewhat
A review is available here: DoomWadStation wiki
Far too much hard for me, even on skill III, this pwad is caracterized by an awesome architecture, and by the immersion in a jungle in the same way than Joe Zona made it with his pwad Real (available at DLW)
Thus, the gameplay didn't please me, but I let you decide by yourself if it's worth the download or not.
At least, you will have to kill, and to kill, and to kill, and........... Maybe you will like?

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Enterprise NX01, by Lorenzo Davia Download  N Enterprise | Lorenzo Davia | Map01 | June 06, 2006 | Here: August 14, 2006

A review is available here: DoomWadStation wiki
I agree with everything of this review, particulary with the fact that I had to search what to do before finding (by hazard) the red key. And I didn't like all of thoses blue health bonuses marking what I should have discover naturally. The gameplay goes from very easy to very hard, like when you activate a switch and you're suddenly attacked from the back by 2 teleported rocketters... There is no trap, the architecture is very well done, using slopes with efficiency, and the whole thing makes you feel that you are really within a spaceship. The music... It's absolutely not a good choice... I could say that it's a very bad choice!!! ;-) It has nothing to do with the game. My vote is 4/5 stars. Thus, it's a VERY good pwad, with a good gameplay, and you're really travelling with the Enterprise!!! Well done Lorenzo!!!

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Neodoom, by Daniel Download  N Neodoom (fixed version) | Daniel | Map01 - Map32 | May 26, 2006 | Here: August 08, 2006

" NeoDoom is compatible with ZDoom 2.0 96x (and latest, of course). It was originally designed for it, but the new DECORATE standards made me convert the compatibility, looking for the future ZDoom versions. This version is prepared to be played with GZDoom. If you want to use ZDoom, you must edit NeoDoom.Wad, look for the "DECORATE" entry, rename it to DECGZDM (for example), and rename the entry ZDOOM to DECORATE " (Daniel)
Advanced Engine: Doom Legacy (v1.42), Doomsday (v1.8.6), ZDoom 2.0 96x or GZDoom (v1.0.08).
This is a 32 maps wad with various changes in the looking of the Doom 2. Most of the graphics were changed, as well as the weapons and some enemies. It has new enemies and weapons for ZDoom, increasing the gameplay. It also brings some new enemies for Doomsday Engine. It doesn't use Legacy features, so it's only Legacy compatible.

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Urban Twilight | Jacek "Illdo" Dobrzyniecki Download  N Urban TwilightJacek "Illdo" Dobrzyniecki | Map01 | July, 2006 | Here: August 05, 2006

01 Level, but what a level!!! 

It's the winner of the Newdoom 2006's Realistic Map Contest hosted by Fatal and AlysiumX.
Amazing stuff, full of Zdoom features, very well imagined and built.
Too short, but it was not the purpose to make a full pwad.
It was a demonstration, and what a demonstration!!! Thus, you'll have to beat monsters... Some of them being ghosts, one of the amazing Zdoom features.

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Hellraiser, by Bob Larkin & Crew Download  N Hellraiser | Bob Larkin (Sematary) | Map01 - Map30 | Febr 22, 2001 | Here: July 27, 2006

30 Levels replacing Doom2, a full TC made by the HR's Crew: Sematary, Simo Malinen, Wess Burd, Jeremy Stepp, Kent Carson,
David J. Finnamore, and wolfy.
- Level 29 belongs to David J. Finnamore
- Nitemare, murderus, maze, hidensek, elevato2, doomsday, dethrail, bludbath, blackout, restinpc are from Sematary
- t114htal and ss093ufo are from Simo Malinen
- The rest mostly belong to wolfy
There is a Doom95 version, with different levels and different features, available at Doom Wad Station.

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Enjay Zdoom 2001 - Map11 (click to enlarge it) Download   N njzd2001 | Nigel Rowand (Enjay) | Map01 - Map32 | Febr 24, 2001 | Here: July 17, 2006

32 Levels replacing Doom2, basically following the Doom2 "story".  A reworking of my old Enjay Doom project (originally from 1994 for some ofthe older levels). Therefore, the look is a little primative in places (Enjay).
It was the very first pwad made for Zdoom that I have played, and I discovered with it the awesome pleasure of slopes and Zdoom features.
Perfectly well used, well placed, they give to this pwad a particular feeling: you are playing Doom, yes, but with something very close to Quake, and not only because of the textures.
Enjay is a bit harsh with himself. It's absolutely not "primative"!!!

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Congestion 1024 - Map01 (click to enlarge it) Download  N Congestion 1024 | 1024's Team | Map01 - Map32 | Nov 26th, 2005 | Here: July 17, 2006

[Team Leader: Lutrov71 ] [ Project founder: Ray "Shitbag" Schmitz]
32 maps no bigger than 1024 X 1024. Some maps have areas outside the 1024 X 1024 block but they are not part of the playing area. The idea was to focus on quick and fun gameplay. These maps are all playable from pistol start. To enjoy the utmost 1024 experience, this is recommended.

Lutrov71 released 4 wads . There is another wad made by the man: Danger - Offboard made on 3/14/04. For Congestion1024, he was the Team Leader and the author of the Map11 and of the concept of the Map30. He made also the map06 for CC2 (Community Chest 2) and some of its graphics.

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