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Sorted list
  1. Abattoir     (Doom II)   793 Kb
  2. Akce_korian  (Doom I)    837 Kb
  3. All-e1       (Doom I)    605 Kb
  4. Atcud21      (Doom I)   1935 Kb
  5. AvPvT3       (Doom II)  3249 Kb
  6. BJS          (Doom II)  2214 Kb
  7. ChaosPrj     (Doom II)  2136 Kb
  8. CorridoRoids (Doom I)    624 Kb
  9. Doom2099     (Doom II)  5765 Kb
  10. Doom3        (Doom I)   5967 Kb (available at doomwadstation.net only)
  11. Egypt        (Doom I)    402 Kb
  12. Egyptian     (Doom II)  1166 Kb
  13. Elements     (Doom I)    681 Kb
  14. FleshZZ      (Doom I)   1693 Kb
  15. H2h-Xmas     (Doom II)  6081 Kb
  16. HHH          (Doom I)    176 Kb
  17. Invade       (Doom I)   1083 Kb
  18. Invaders     (Doom II)  1095 Kb
  19. ITD          (Doom I)   1149 Kb
  20. JivesNew     (Doom II)  2085 Kb
  21. Kill         (Doom I)   4029 Kb
  22. Kill-me      (Doom I)   4308 Kb
  23. Komat        (Doom I)    804 Kb
  24. Loh2         (Doom II)   863 Kb
  25. LostWorlds   (Doom I)   1206 Kb
  26. NDCP         (Doom II)  7084 Kb
  27. Purgatory    (Doom II)  7084 Kb
  28. RRWard       (Doom I)    797 Kb
  29. Sid          (Doom II)  2612 Kb
  30. Telekom      (Doom II)  4909 Kb
  31. ThePath      (Doom II)   899 Kb
  32. TomsRoad     (Doom II)  2113 Kb
  33. Wads1or2     (Doom)      790 Kb
  34. Wads1to2     (Doom II)  1020 Kb
  35. Wicked       (Doom II)  2935 Kb
  36. Xdoom        (Doom II)  1038 Kb

Kill me, by S.A. Stephenson (click to display the map)  Download  N  Kill-meS.A. Stephenson Nov 17, 1997 | Release here: Dec 08, 2008

"The KILLME Collection or Final KILLME 

FORGET THE DESCRIPTION ALREADY!!!  This is DOOM !! You kill things 'cause you want to.....'cause you have to !  (Check out KILLME 1-3 text files if you really want a story line!). If you really want the story, e-mail me and I might send you the long version 2 " (Steph)

Good old Doom... Yes, for true, you'll have pleasure with this megawad !!! Plus, I put my nose in it, and nothing will worry anymore your progression and your pleasure.

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Kill, by Team Kill (Andew Hunt)  Download  N  Sid | Espi Oct. 08, 2005 | Release here: May 15, 2007

"A set of four levels, which all push the limits of the good ol' vanilla Doom."
Espi is also the author of Karmea (available at DLW) and his site is hosted at Newdoom HERE
The "Finnish doom freak" didn't bother to add anything else within his text file, apart the fact that the name of this pwad is "Suspended in dusk". On his site, he wrote: "Suspended in Dusk (formerly One Hell of a Day) is finished! .Yes, it's been like 5 years since I started it, but better late than never. =P "
So, I'll add that it's perhaps one of the best pwad that I have ever seen, in term of architecture and of gameplay.
I like definitely thet way Espi makes his work. It's a great author!!! He is famous for his awesome suspended bridge in the pwad Ruma made on 29.05.02

Time to play: 3h14'

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Telekom by Karoly (Charles) Horvath, Map10  Download  N  Telekom | Karoly (Charles) Horvath Dec 22, 2005 | Release here: May 15, 2007

"Note that most of levels can be achieved starting with a pistol, but be careful with difficulty settings. If you choose skill 4, you will be faced with bosses in every level."
Expect to not too small/big levels, lots of monsters, not too much and tricky secrets.
You won't get too much ammos, so kill some former humans and sergeants and use shotguns and the Gatling!
Testers say, that the levels are hard, but it is not my opinion. It is fact, that they are harder than the original levels.  Good hunting! "

 My total time to play it entirely was of 11h43'....

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Kill, by Team Kill (Andew Hunt)  Download  N  Kill | Team Kill (Andrew Hunt) 2002-2004 | Release here: Dec. 23, 2006

"First megawad ever put into production by us.  I (Andrew) started it back in 1996 (?), and after numerous losses of data, it's finally ended up as the version 2.0 " (Team Kill, original concept by Andrew Hunt )
Here is the version 2.1, made by me (wrongly called "v3.0" when I released it. Andrew is currently making the v3.0 (the v2.0 with the 3rd episode)

I have heavily modified some parts of some maps, like e1m2, e1m6, e1m8, e2m1, e2m2, e2m4, e2m5, e2m6, e2m8. This work was purely graphical, and I didn't change anything in the gameplay. My purpose was only to make the pwad more pleasant. I hope that you will be pleased, like I was pleased to make all of those modifications. More informations in the html file. Andrew himself is happy with it.

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Wads1or2  Download  N  Wads1or2 | Jive 2001-2006 | Release here: Nov. 20, 2006

Addon made on May 2001 because I was tired and not happy with all the sounds, sprites, textures, etc... made by idsoftware.
It is a compilation of "JiveTex.wad" & "JiveSnd.wad" : gives 
new graphics (sprites, textures) without any extravaganza, new sounds (cool) and new skies for both of the Doom Episodes (Ultimate Doom and Doom II).
Skies made (or modified) by me and optimized for Gzdoom (the new entry "HIRESTEX" has been added, so that they are now displayed correctly)
This new version is a correction of a stupid bug making unavailable the skies in case of the use of an addon having already skies declared, particulary with the "Define" declaration in "HIRESTEX".
Compatible with all Doom's episodes.
Original and/or collection of works provided by differents authors (for example: some revisited (by me) weapons from M. Klem's Cringe! Pwad).

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Wads1to2  Download  N  Wads1to2 | Jive 2001-2006 | Release here: Nov. 20, 2006
Addon made on May 2001 because I was tired and not happy with all the sounds, sprites, textures, etc... made by idsoftware.
It is a compilation of "JiveTex.wad" & "JiveSnd.wad" plus the addon made by Paulo ("Doom1_2.wad") giving all the missing textures of Ultimate Doom to Doom II. It gives 
new graphics (sprites, textures) without any extravaganza, new sounds (cool) and new skies to Doom II, so that you are able to play wads made for or converted from Doom I to Doom II.  Yes, with this addon, you can play wads made for Doom I with the Iwad Doom II, but the main purpose was to allow to play converted wads (made originally for Ultimate Doom, without having to change anything else than the level of the maps).
The skies are made (or modified) by me and
optimized for Gzdoom (the new entry "HIRESTEX" has been added, so that they are now displayed correctly)
Original and/or collection of works provided by differents authors (for example: some revisited (by me) weapons from M. Klem's Cringe! Pwad).
This new version is a correction of a stupid bug making unavailable the skies in case of the use of an addon having already skies declared, particulary with the "Define" declaration in "HIRESTEX".

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Jive's New Collection  Download  N  JNC | 5 authors | Map01-Map32 | 1998-2003 | Release here: Oct 25, 2006

Jive's New Collection is the my 19th compilation of a full megawad. It comes from 5 different authors, all of them coming from the East side of the Europe.
I ask you to read carefully the html file, the compilation being a little bit special (each of the 3 episodes has its own challenge: normal game, speed run and no save).
The authors are: Jaromir Bergmann (Grim Ripper), P.Westlake....aka "Ace" (Ace1), Vit Bockstefel (Warm2), Vidzew (VJ_Software) (Devil bases) and Radek Pecka (Radek Doom).

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The Purgatory Series  Download  N  Purgatory | James Wilson | Map09-Map15 + Map31 & Map32 | Sept 1995 | Release here: Oct 23, 2006
James Wilson (aka Slade) is the well known mapper of the game released by Apogee Software: Blood. But this set of maps was made by Slade just before being a member of "Q Studios" and he had to cut off his work on it by lack of time. Thus, this is an absolute masterpiece, the masterpiece of the past 10 years.
Hard, very hard on skill 4... But it's not insane, oh no! It's simply pushing your skill at a point that you probably didn't imagine before.
And the architecture is simply perfect, without too much details, but efficient and pleasant. More would have been absolutely not a good idea.
Read my review made on the html file for more comments.
Warning: you will need an addon containing the textures of Doom I missing in Doom II: Doom1_2 by Paulo, or Wads1to2 by me, because I compiled the 2 previous maps (made for Doom 1
) and the 7 other ones (made for Doom 2) of the Purgatory Series. More comments in the html file.

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H2h-Xmas  Download  N  H2h-Xmas | Mark Gundy & Jim Elson | Map01-Map32 | Dec 1995 | Release here: Oct 17, 2006

"32 Original levels, such as Urban Jungle, Living in Sin, and of course, The North Pole. Many New textures including the amazing Falling Snow, frozen tundra, and everything in between.  The experiance is so real.. you'll get cold just playing it.
Intense Christmas Soundtrack, featuring The Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bell Rock, and the 12 days of XMAS...
Tons upon Tons of New graphics.  Drink some Eggnog, and eat some cookies.  Pick up a candycane, or a present.
New Suprises, new tricks... and plenty of good old fashion gore.
And you thought Santa was just a jolly old fart in a silly red suit.
;-) " (Mark)

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The Lost Worlds  Download  N  LostWorlds | Equino-X | E1M1-E1M9 | June 1996 | Release here: Oct. 08, 2006

The Lost Worlds is a full megawad made by a Slovak (Martin Hornak aka Equino-X aka EXM), 10 years ago...
I had the chance to talk with him on icq, but it's a very occupied man.

Anyway, this wad had a very good gameplay, sometimes too much easy, far too much, and the architecture is darn good.
I liked it a lot and I would have voted for a 4/5 if it was on the idgames database area. But it's not there...
Wad found here: http://doom.milichovsky.com/tvurci/equino-x.html

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Komat  Download  N  Komat | Komat | E1M1-E2M1 | March 2000 | Release here: Oct. 03, 2006

Komat is a compilation made by a Czech, 6 years ago...
It's not only a compilation, but a Mod. In fact, I can affirm that he didn't change the architecture of the maps, but only the number of the monsters and their position.
My memory gave me the possibility to find 2 of the best maps of this set, and the name of the authors. So, I verified and I found that, for example, one map had 50% more monsters than the original one. Those modifications were so well done that I can assure that the gameplay is not screwed, at the contrary.
Resume: 10 maps from the past, 10 jewels.
This set is a must !!!

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Akce_korian  Download  N  Akce_korian | Martin Mirejovsky | E1M1-E1M8 | July 2001 | Release here: Oct. 02, 2006

Veryyyyyyyyy simple, with a gameplay a little bit repetitive, without any detail but with an architecture simplified, this wad made by a Czech is containing only the maps and has no secret area nor secret level.
Thus, the constructions are well done. Simplicity doesn't mean lack of capacity to render an atmosphere, and you will have really the impression to follow a purpose and to go where something is happening.
The machines and the computers are there, but you will have the feeling that something wrong happened and that everything is now stopped. The monsters are everywhere (very easy to kill) and humans seems to have been defeated. You follow your road, and you'll have to kill the master of the demons, waiting you. Bad day for him, because the defeated humans have prepared all the possible ammos, armor, life and so on...

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Elements  Download  N  ElementsNeal Ziring | E1M1-E1M4 (+ E1M9) | Sept 1994 | Release here: Sept 29, 2006

This set of maps was made on 1994 by a great mapper. Not because of the details, but of the gameplay. Don't take it too easy, or you will die often...
Cool graphics were integrated and I have improved them a little bit, particulary on their edges. But I didn't touch at the sky, not particulary beautiful, to keep the general feeling about this pwad.
It's a debugged version, some hard bugs preventing to play it normally.
I guess that the map04 will be wrongly displayed by Doom Legacy v1.42 . A cool trick was used to build invisible platforms and I know that it's not Legacy compatible. Another trick was used to build invisible stairs. Again, I know that it's not Legacy compatible, without experimenting it. It will be compatible with the new engine on the making (v2.0... If it's released a day... )

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Xdoom  Download  N  Xdoom | Mohac | Map01-Map14 | Jan 1994 | Release here: Sept 26, 2006

This megawad was unplayable because of hard bugs (like missing keys), but with a very good gameplay. And I thought that it could be awesome to work on it and to make it available on the West side of the Atlantic (and elsewhere, of course)... Oh yes, I forgot to tell it to you: it was made by a Hungarian author, totally unknown until today...
There was no text file with the archive, found by hazard on the net, but after a study of it, it's obvious that it was an unfinished project. So, I finished it (at least, I made it playable from the beginning to the end).

I'm quite proud to let you have the opportunity to play a wad made on the east side of the Atlantic. What is remaining a mystery is that the timestamp is indicating "1994", which seems to me very suspicious. Thus, the Editor used is DEU !!! So, I guess that it was really made on 1994.

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The Chaos Project  Download  N  The Chaos Project | Jonathan Campbell | Map01-Map16 | Nov 1998 | Release here: Sept 05, 2006

Ok... This megawad was an unplayable mess, with hard bugs and a poor gameplay. Anyway, I thought that it could be worth the download because...
May I suggest that ChaosPrj was NEVER played without cheating, or, at least, not played far from Map11 ?

And it's pretty what I done, once arrived on the Map15: I stopped playing it.
I had a look at the map31 and map32, but I didn't care to go further.
Conclusion: the more you go, less you have pleasure... Until where will you go yourself, hey?
"The Evil of the godless Abominate " could qualify this megawad !!!
But... I didn't test it on multiplayer. Maybe here is its real value? I let you decide by yourself.

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The Secret Path  Download  N  The Secret Path | John Graham | Map07 | Nov 1996 | Release here: Sept 03, 2006

"False floor, yes thats right, a floor you can fall into. If you find it you'll be in for a tasty suprise. At the end of this TXT file will a spoiler telling you where it is so you can just marvel at this incredible technology. Deep water, aka water you can fall into. (With regards to Michael MacCana who taught me this fabulous use of invisible sectors. Grates that can open. Has to be see to be believed! Original use of lighting to capture a very clever affect. Magnetic repulse lifts (ie invisible stairs that rise) Invisible lifts. Deep water with only 2 sectors. Play it and check it out. Realistic eviroment design". (John)

GZDoom is THE port to play it, and Doom Legacy v1.42 don't handle correctly all those tricks...

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Doom2099  Download  N  Doom 2099 | J. Madigan & J. Lockart | Map01-Map30 | Dec 3, 1997 | Release here: Sept 03, 2006

DOOMII TC WITH 30 LEVELS, NEW MONSTERS, AND A CUTSCENE!  (Map01-24: Justin Madigan, Map25-30: Jeff Lockhart)
This is a heavily modified version (the maps weren't changed, but debugged and modified when needed) .
The original version was an unplayable mess, very badly commented by the community, full of bugs and errors, and with missing stuff. I edited it, so that you WILL (perhaps) enjoy this new version. This set of map should be played until Map24. From Map25 to the end, it's just a prequel of an unfinished work... Muhahaha!!!
Plus: the levels are really horribly architectured, the gameplay is atrocious...  
Jeff Lockhart made nothing else than pure shit !!!
I guess that he has tried to complete the set of 25 maps made by Justin Madigan, but he made only pure... Ok, you understood me, right?
Jeff Lockhart was a... "graphist" (?!?) and he worked with Justin for Doom2099 and XMAS Doom II. He tried to make levels, but his levels were as horrible as his graphics
... (good graphics, but surely not for Doom !!!)

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Brett Johnson's Stuff  Download  N  BJS | Brett Johnson | 17 maps packed | May 1996 | Release here: August 21, 2006

Brett Johnson's Stuff - It's a pack made by me containing: 6Pack (Map01-Map06) & Doom IV (Map01-Map11)
Brett is a musician, a classical guitarist, particulary. He made all the musics for Doom IV, and they deserve to be listened.
If you have the curiosity to look at his site, you will discover another unkown talent...
I took this picture from one of the videos coming from his site.
- Released 3 weeks after DoomIV, 6Pack was updated for a best deathmatch.
- Brett has released the Map02 (of 6Pack) alone under the name of "wtf_R_I_P.wad"
These wads are very hard, particulary the last levels of Doom IV, which are too much challenging for me...

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Egyptian Doom  Download  N  Egyptian | Staffan SHL Linderoth | Map01-Map06 | April 03, 1996 | Release here: August 19, 2006

EGYPTIAN DOOM for DOOM II v1.0, revision 1.1 because of a bug in the Doom engine, by Jive (August 19, 2006)
A total conversion for doom 2, with 6 new levels, lots of new graphics, modified monsters/monster-behaviour, modified weapons, homing mines (!), new story (?) and some new sounds.
A great pwad, immerging you within another world (not really an egyptian one, but very unusual).
Be prepared to a great battle against monsters unsually hard to battle, but also very tedious the ones against the other ones. They hate everybody, even the other monsters... Sometimes, it's funny to see 2 cacodemons battling until the death of both of them!!!
Very impressive pwad, indeed!!!

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Industrial Techware Doom (E1M7)  Download  N  ITDMicah HarwellE1M1 - E1M9 | Nov. 20, 1997 | Release here: August 17, 2006

Industrial Techware Doom, revision 2.1 by Jive (August 17, 2006)
This version 2.1 is based on the revision 2.0 by Micah Harwell, fixing remaining bugs and problems.
Water doesn't hurt you.  Which makes sense.  However, in E1M9 there is a secret water processing room, in which you will get hurt, not because of the water, but because of the radiation to process the water in that room (if you go in, you better get out in a hurry...).
For the same reasons, blood usually won't hurt you either

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Alien Total conversion for Doom I (e2m2)  Download  N  Atcud21Justin FisherE2M1 - E3M2 | Sept. 27, 1994 | Release here: August 17, 2006

AL|ENS TOTAL CONVERSION For Ultimate Doom, revision 2.1 by Jive (June 20, 2006)
This version 2.1 is based on the revision 2.0 by James "Quasar" Haley, fixing remaining bugs and problems.
I made "the house work" on it and fixed myself some things, here an there.
Atc is quite surely one ofthe most famous wads made for Doom, but it was necessary to work on it more than Justin made it, because he used the very first editors available at that time, which were really limited and powerless, when we have the powerfull DoomBuilder today. Do have a look at the text file (html version) on top, and you'll understand what was really made on it, what should have been made by Justin.

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all-e1 (e1m4)  Download  N  All-e1Jonathan K. L. WoodE1M1 - E1M9 | Sept. 27, 1994 | Release here: August 17, 2006

Way Out and Still Doomed, a full episode with 9 maps for Classical Doom I
Here is a review made by Doom Underground's site, written and designed by Colin Phipps
I totally agree with this review!!!
This pwad, starting with good gameplay, was finishing with a very bad gameplay.
Now, even if I didn't bother to change the lightings (you'll have to push your Gamma to 1.3 minimum), you will be able to enjoy it from the start to the end!!!
And the final battle is very easy, if you know what are doing monsters when they are hit by the other one... So, this new version is intended to offer the pleasure to play a good pwad from the 94's, free of trap and/or problems for the gameplay.

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The Invasion Series  Download  N  Invade | Andy Chen & Claude Martins | E1M1 - E1M3 | 1994 | Release here: August 16, 2006

The Invasion Series, 3 maps for Classical Doom I
When I think that this pwad was made on 1994, I'm absolutely amazed!!!
The architecture is one of the best I have ever seen, the textures are fine, the gameplay is awesome. The last Map is not as good, and it should be kept for a deathmatch.
But the 2 first ones are simply geniusly done!!! I dream of what he would have done with a tool like DoomBuilder...
It will stay on top of my collection.
Don't forget these names: Andy Chen & Claude Martins

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FleshZZ (E3M5)  Download  N  FleshZZ | Unknown | E1M1 - E3M8 | 1994 | Release here: August 11, 2006

FleshZZ Series, a full 3 Episodes for Classical Doom I
It's a compilation of compilations, made quite surely in the 94's, by an unknown author, without any text file, so that most of the authors will stay unknown.
I have revised it (bug and error free), sometimes with difficulties, and the list of corrections is so long that, for one time, I didn't note any of them, apart some very specific ones.
Those wads are a part of the collection compiled by MR_ROCKET: CLASSIC_OLDIES/LOST_OLDIES/COMBOS , and the zip file is named "DDP_XIX.zip". You will find it (the unchanged original pwad, full of bugs and errors) HERE

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Alien Vs Predator Vs Terminator  Download  N AvPvT3 | Lightman94 | Map01 - Map03 | Date unknown | Release here: August 09, 2006

Alien Vs Predator Vs Terminator version III .This pwad (AvPvT) made by Lightman94 (date unknown, thanks to Sparky of Kiss, who made unacceptable modifications, and screwed the date) was originally containing illegal stuff.
Sparky of KISS Software made a mod named "version 2" and renamed the file from AvPvT to AvPvT2.
For the purpose to stop the confusion, as far as I edited it myself, I renamed AvPvT2 to AvPvT3.
If he was right to legalize it, he was wrong to modify what was intended to be by Lightman94 !!!
So, this version, which is also a debugged one, is closest to the original version, at least for the gameplay.

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The Wicked Series  Download  N Wicked | Rex Claussen | Map10 - Map15 (+31) | 2003/2005 | Release here: August 09, 2006

The Wicked Series is a compilation made by me of the 7 pwads of the Wicked Series released one after the other by Gurkha boy.
In order to don't change the way to play with them, thus I put them so that you can play one after the other one (with "Wicked.dfl"), from Map10 to Map31, I ask you to play them from scratch, with just a pistol, like they were intented to be played, with the 7 individual ".dfl" files: "Wicked_x.dfl", where "x" is for the position of the map. But, if you are pleased, I made of it a suitable pwad.
I decided to respect the chronological order of the Maps (when they were built) instead of their original order (Mapxx), for the purpose to see the evolution of the quality, in term of gameplay and architecture.

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Newdoom Community Project  Download  N NDCP | Newdoom Community | Map01 - Map32 | Jan 1, 2006 | Release here: August 08, 2006

The Newdoom Community Project, This project started on November 11th, 2002 when Xtife (Sparky) posted on the Newdoom forums about the idea of us putting together a megawad. The idea took off quickly and between the time this started and the release date, many mappers came and went. A lot of map slots changed hands. Somewhere during development, Team leader Sparky decided to pass the Leadership role on to myself (Doom_Dude) and since I was already doing as much as possible, including maintaining the website, I decided to take the lead. Anyhow a lot of hard working Doom Community members helped in getting this done. Without the dedicated level designers this project wouldn't have made it to finish. Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped out. I'm so glad it's done. :)

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The Slaughter House, v1.1 (Map02)  Download  N Abattoir | Jeffrey J. Martin | Map01 - Map03 | Aug 07, 1996 | Release here: August 03, 2006

The Slaughter House, v1.1, by Jeffrey J. Martin "from the land of the free and the home of the brave".
Here is, more than quite surely, THE best pwad that I have played since a veryyyyyyy long time. It's a marvel of gameplay!! The architecture is amazingly built, with a fake 3D very well designed, which let you think that it's a true 3D.
This guy used an old map tool (DCK v2.2), but he had understood perfectly what IS a good pwad and how to build it.
It's geniously well done!!!
This pwad will stay on top of my collection, with the best of the best ever done for Doom.
Do never forget this name: Jeffrey J. Martin
"from the land of the free and the home of the brave".

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Hades' House of Horrors - E1M1  Download  N  HHH | Robert Zubek | E1M1 - E1M2 | Apr - May 1994 | Release here: July 17, 2006

Hades' House of Horrors, parts one ("...And Here Your Troubles Begin") & two ("The Winter Palace")
I have started working on the third part, and it should be ready soon (Robert), but it was never released !!!
Too bad, because I liked a lot these great pwads, with a fine gameplay.

Again, it's a must from the 94's good old time.
Previously compiled for Doom Legacy Wads, it's released here and, of course, 100% compatible with all ports.

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Egypt, by Paul Ladas  Download  N Egypt | Paul Ladas | E1M1 - E1M9 | Sept 09, 1994 | Release here: July 17, 2006

Also named "KneePaul.wad" or "egyptwad" by its author, this oldie made by a "Computer Science major who loves Doom" was a good surprise.
It's a part of the collection compiled by MR_ROCKET: CLASSIC_OLDIES/LOST_OLDIES/COMBOS available at DLW.
Obviously, P. Ladas didn't bother with the architecture, and some place were built too much quickly, without giving a penny to details or a good choice of the textures. Thus, as far as I enjoyed it, I thought too much stupid to leave it as it was, when I was able to give it a best looking. Of course, I made it as close as possible to the original general feeling. I hope that you'll have fun with it. Most of my work was to align textures.
I made this work for THE ONLY purpose to make known the name of "Paul Ladas".

If you want ABSOLUTELY the original, it's available on the "MR_ROCKET's Database Area" at Doom Legacy Wads

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Toms Road, by Toms Gailitis  Download  N Toms Road | Toms Gailitis | Map01 - Map11 | July 08, 2004 - Apr 18, 2006 | Release here: July 17, 2006

It was a great surprise. Bypassing a first impression of "What's that shit?", I took the road and had more and more pleasure to play it. I decided to edit it and to correct all the bugs and errors, and the more I was playing it, the more I was pleased with it. So, this version is an updated one, free of bug and without any problem.
I didn't make any fondamental modification of the levels, but adaptation, when needed, in order to obtain a full compatibility with OpenGl mode, and a debug for remaining problems. At least, you should not find that I made anything on it, and ALL (ok... pretty all) the credit should be rewarded by the author.
I was only a supervisor, and the author IS Toms Gailitis !!! For example, I had to create a fully tillable sky to avoid hugly viewpoints with modern ports allowing to change the viewpoint from up to down, source of the said problem.
The original version can be find HERE

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RRWard, E1M3  Download  N RRWARD | Richard R. Ward | E1M1 - E1M4 | July 22, 1994 - Oct 17, 1999 | Release here: July 17, 2006

Apart the debugging part of my work on it, which is quite obligatory with wads coming from the 94's, what else did I do?
- Compilation of 4 maps made and released separately by Richard R. Ward, between 1994 and 1999: "Originally part of a full DOOM1 Episode, but not
all the maps worked out very well so I scrapped the project and am releasing the maps that did work".
- I made a new sky, using the 2 ones made by Richard, because of a bug with Doom Legacy, uncorrectly displaying skies larger than 256. But you won't really
notice a change. Simply, you won't notice a problem with the sky... ;-)
With ports like Zdoom or GZDoom, all will be fine.
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RRWard, E1M3  Download  N Legions of Hell 2 | John Gaughan | Map01 - Map11 | 11 Jan 2004 | Website | Release here: July 17, 2006

"These maps will not work with doom2.exe ! It will crash with a visplane overflow error
And if you want to have the benefit of the bex file, a port Boom compatible should be choosen (Zdoom, GZDoom, Legacy). But you can play it with any other modern port increasing the limits of the original Doom2.exe, because I (Jive) made a dehacked file translating pretty everything, apart 2 lines of text without importance.
Here is the special page about this pwad at John Gaughan's Pages of Doom

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Invaders, Map01  Download  N The Invaders | Dominique Lavergne | Map01 - Map06 | June 30, 1995 | Release here: July 17, 2006

Dominique Lavergne is a very good author who has released 7 Pwads (
The MonasteryThe Fortified CastleThe Watering-PlaceThe TunnelsThe Rescue (The Monastery, episode 5)The Manor Of Pleasure) between March and July 1995, mostly known to be the 5 episodes of "The Monastery serie" and a pwad with porn pictures as a way to take some breath from the usual textures... This new episode seems to be the latest of his works, and deserve to be more well known than it is. In fact, the 6 maps are coming from these Pwads and are compiled fo make a full episode, with the name of "The Invaders", so that it's nothing else than "The Monastery serie" !!! This author didn't put anything related to him anywhere, and it's quite impossible to obtain any information about him. His email let us think that he was french., which is quite rare. In fact, I think that he was from Quebec, Canada.

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Corridoroids - E1M8 Download  N Corridors & Roids | T. Dawson & A.J. Jeffries | E1M1 - E1M8 | Oct 24, 1994 - 5th Dec 1999

Compilation of 2 wads (full episode) :
- The corridors of powerlessness: E1M1-E1M2 (5th Dec 1999)
- Flaming 'Rroids of Mars' : E1M3-E1M8 (Oct 24, 1994)

Some maps are VERY oooooooold (not only because of the date), but the whole thing deserve to be played, and the end is a happy end, full of pleasure to have played a good pwad from the good ooOoOOld time.

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