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Here is a sort of melting pot about ... about everything related to Doom!!!
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  1. About Doom                       (AD)      : Where to buy Doom
  2. About Doom Wad Station (ADWS) : A very special site of Irst importance, if not THE site about Doom on the net
  3. About Doom Builder          (ADB)    : Here is THE tool to build/edit  maps
  4. About GZDoom                  (AG)      : Available downloads on the DRD's site
  5. About wads authors          (AWA)   : List of the authors having a wad at GZW
  6. About Doom related sites (ADRS)  : List of some sites of Irst importance
  7. About Jive                        (AJ)      : owner of DLW & GZW
  8. About Tolwyn                    (AT)      : an interview with David "Tolwyn" Shaw

 AD - About Doom
Where to buy Doom

Nobody can still ignore that Doom is NOT a free game, because it is still sold. Here are some links to let you have it legally (informations available on March 2006):
 DOOM Collectors Edition
Price: $30.00 / Rating: ESRB Mature
SUMMARY: Includes "The Ultimate DOOM", "DOOM II", and "Final DOOM"! From id Software, the name in first person action, comes the ultimate in explosive terror! Rip, slice, and blast your way to freedom in the DOOM hits that not only put action on the map, they showed it where to go - strait into the depths of hell. The hottest 3-D games ever assembled are right here!

Ok... And now another usefull link:
Doom Collector's Edition by Activision — Windows XP
Computer & Video Games: See all 61 items
Used & new from $14.99    Usually ships within 1-2 business days   
Doom Collector's Bundle by Activision — Windows 98 / 95 / Me
Computer & Video Games: See all 61 items
Used & new from $22.60    Usually ships within 1-2 business days   
Doom 2 (Jewel Case) by Activision — Windows Me / 95 / 98
Computer & Video Games: See all 61 items
Used & new from $12.95    Usually ships within 1-2 business days   
The Ultimate Doom by ID Software
Computer & Video Games: See all 61 items
Used & new from $6.95    Usually ships within 1-2 business days   
Final Doom by Atari — Windows 98 / 95 / Me
Computer & Video Games: See all 61 items
Used & new from $7.50    Usually ships within 1-2 business days   
Master Levels for Doom II (2) by id Software
Computer & Video Games: See all 61 items
Used & new from $12.80    Usually ships within 1-2 business days   

 ADWS - About Doom Wad Station
A very special site of Irst importance, if not THE site about Doom on the net

Doom Wad Station, owned by Bob Larkin, mostly know to be "Sematary", is a gigantic site hosting the whole idgames database and a huge amount of wads for Doom, Heretic, and Quake. The guy is continuously updating it, and it's growing and growing everytime. He is offering also the possibility to buy official games for a couple of bucks.

When I came on the net for the first time (7 years ago), Sematary was already there, planning to offer the most important site dedicated to Doom on the net, and I really think that he won the title of "The Site about Doom on Internet". Adding recently a search tool, he is now offering the possibility to search
very simply and efficiently everything dedicated to Doom on the site, or on the net.

He is also offering hosting possibilities adpated to your needs, and 16 sites are
hosted for now (as of July 26, 2006) : Doom Legacy Wads, Death Factory, Doom Files, Sillywars, Hobomaster, Fear of God, Zorah Space, Looney Tune Doom, HACX, Shitbag's Megawad, Rebirth, DWS Megawad, Doom 2 Homeworld, The Dimension, I Am Old Enuf, DJB Megawad.
Most of these sites are great ones.
A special mention for Hacx, hosted officially at DWS. I have a particulary good feeling about it, as far as I consider the megawad Hacx to be THE best pwad for Doom ever made. Plus, its story is quite sad and the authors were never brought to the light and glory that they deserve !!! Yes, really, it's a sad story !!! It's quite surely better than Eternal III, but they didn't have the 1/100th of the glory of Team TnT... What a pity !!!

Anyway, back to Doom Wad Station...
An amazing part is dedicated to reviews (~70, as of July 26, 2006):
Doom Reviews. Most of them were made from scratch by Bob Larkin, but he is asking for good volunties to let if grow...
Lastly, Bob is also a wad maker, with 15 released wads !!! The most well know are
Bloodworks and Hellraiser TC

Lastly? ... Oh no, I forgot: My first site, dedicated to Doom Legacy ( DLW ), is hosted there since some months, and ALL of my zip files ( 233 pwads & 2558 maps OpenGl compatibles & bug free certified, plus 3 huge databases)... Haha !! With more than 2  millions of visited pages, it was obviously THE site where I had to ask for a host, after 6 years at Newdoom (special thanks to Phoebus (for hosting DLW) and to Vesser (the host of my zip files at Odessa during all this time)

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 ADB - About Doom Builder
Level Editor by CodeImp

About DB and its author:
Made by CodeImp (aka Guerkin aka Pascal Vd Heiden) some years ago, it appears to be the most well known and used builder for mapping (no matter the port: Zdoom, GZDoom, Legacy, etc...). It's a free tool, which means that you won't have to pay for it. Personaly, I sent
some $ to the man because I thought that it was impossible to use this free tool like that. Pascal made it on his free time, and he is still at work on it, improving it regularily, trying to give as many cool features as possible. The most recent new feature (v1.68, as of may 06, 2006) is the ability to see the things when editing with 3D viewing.
He is using the nickname Rollator in private (areas on the internet where he meet with real-life friends) and CodeImp as nickname in international areas.
His site "CodeImp" is offering the builder itself, of course. In the past, he coded a tool to let us play multiplayer games with the Doom Connector, today abandonned.
He is actually coding a new game: "Bloodmasters".
More informations about his work? The best is to look at his weblog

How to use it:
In order to use DoomBuilder with GZDoom, you need 2 things: the configuration file "GZDoom.cfg" (to put in the DoomBuilder folder), and the tool "zdwadconv.exe" (made on 1998, this program converts every map in the source.wad into the enhanced format supported by ZDoom) . Be warned that, sometimes, the wad is not correctly translated and that you need to work on a COPY of the wad, and not the original one (even if it's happening very rarely, and for very specific features present in the wad) !!!

HERE IS the zip containing both of these files (   times downloaded)

  • The CFG file must be extracted in the root dir of DB. More info about it HERE
  • zdwadconv can be used on 2 different ways:
    • With the batch file (zdoom_convert.bat): edit it and replace the name of the wad to convert. Don't use a path on it (like "c:\doom\tool\zdwadconv.exe"), but copy and past both of these files (the batch and the exe) in the same repertory than the wad to convert. Run the batch, and a new file will be created, renamed with a "z" at the end (for example: "chaosprjz.wad" and I suggest to don't touch at the original wad file, because of the fact that sometimes, the wads are not correctly converted.
    • With the Windows Explorer: "Tools", "Files options", "Files types", "wad" (if not existing, create it). Do have a look at this picture, explaining the way to do it.  Once done, you will have only to "right click" on a wad file, and to select "zdoom conversion". A new file will be created, renamed with a "z" at the very end (for example: "chaosprj.wadz"). I suggest to rename the file  "chaosprjz.wad" and to don't touch at the original wad file, because of the fact that sometimes, the wad are not correctly converted.

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 AG - About GZDoom
Available downloads at DRD's site
(I used "Copied & Pasted" informations of the page for dowloads at DRD's site)

GZDoom is coded by Graf Zahl... A german programmer?
No, in fact, this name is only a Sesame Street character, and his real name is Christoph Oelckers.
Here is the famous Sesame Street character:

More informations about GZDoom are available HERE
Get the latest version (as of Oct. 25, 2008) here:


Get the source code here

If you want dynamic lights for standard items, do use the ZDoomGL light definitions file ("Lights.pk3").
NOTE: This file is now officially supported. I just grabbed the light definitions out of ZDoomGL's distribution and put them in here.

GZDoom is based on several engines:
  1. The whole engine is based on Zdoom and integrate its very latest updates
  2. The OpenGl rendering is based on the PrBoom code
  3. The 3Dfloors and the fragglescript is coming from Doom Legacy
  4. Some code is also coming from Vavoom

Here's a little tool written by Randy Heit which can be used to set sprite offsets in PNGs.
Here's the options this tool supports:


Options can be:
   -alph         Create alPh chunk in output file
   -noalph       Remove alPh chunk from source file
   -grab <x> <y> Set contents of grAb chunk in output file
   -z            Recompress IDAT chunks

DoomBuilder configuration

WadAuthor configuration (Untested. Please report any bugs you find.)

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 AWA - About Wads Authors
List of the 69 authors having a wad at GZW
sorted by the first letter of the full name

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 ADRS - About Doom Related Sites
List of some sites of Irst importance
  1. Doomsday HQ - Home of the Doomsday Engine, jDoom, jHeretic and jHexen, made on June 2002 by Jaakko Keränen, creator of the engine "Jdoom"
  2. Doom Wad Station - the premiere doom and doom2  wad and doom3 map review site on the internet.
  3. DoomWorld - The "definitive" source for Doom news, information and development
  4. DRD Team - drdteam.org forum created on Jul 05, 2005 - Domain's purpose is to host sites for their projects-as - the DRD team is a modding team producing modifications for the Doom engine, including levels, graphics, sounds and even new executables.
    • Jakub "ellmo" Zuchowski (maps)
    • Jan "grubber" Cholasta (programming, website)
    • Pawel "Paul / nmn" Zarczynski (graphics, maps)
    • Corwin "WildWeasel" Brence (sounds, maps)
  5. EDGE - Home of the Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine
  6. Gzdoom - Created on 20 Jul 2005 by Graf Zahl, co-coder also of ZDoom - General discussion about everything GZDoom related.
  7. NewDoom - Dedicated to the fans and community of id Software's DOOM games, principally dedicated to Doom Legacy.
  8. Piper at the Gates of DooM - website by Rex Claussen aka "Ghurka Boy", primarily meant to be some sort of repository for his maps.
  9. PrBoom - Primilary released on May 2000, it's the culmination of years of work by various people (project admin: Colin Phipps (aka cph) and Florian Schulze (aka proff_fs) and projects on the Doom source code. PrBoom includes work from all of the following projects: DosDoom, Boom, PrBoom, MBF, LxDoom, ISDLDoom.
  10. Rex's Nexus - "DooM Nexus: Rex's Nexus", website by Rex Claussen aka "Ghurka Boy". It will give you the low-down on any and all DooM-related activities in which Rex is engaged.
  11. Wads In Progress - Page © 2003, 2004 by boris.
  12. ZDoom - Home of the ZDoom source port.
  13. ZDoom Wiki - The whole purpose of this is so that Randy doesn't have to think about the documentation and hence can spend more time perfecting ZDoom

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 AJ - About Jive
owner of DLW & GZW

Me (Jive, as of Dec 2006)
Hmmm... I'm a 52 (as of July 27, 2006) frenchie playing and composing for classical guitar, principal administrator on a french forum about classical guitar. Hmmm... Chess player... Wad maker (777, Wood, Vile Flesh Legacy version, etc... available at DLW) ... Webmaster... Dental Surgeon retired, living since august 2005 at Manaus, Amazonia, Brazil, date of my mariage with an amazonian lady (I was divorced since 7 years). I love animals. Player of Doom since many years, addicted to OpenGl mode (I HATE pixels. For me, the one who like pixels is completely retarded !!!)... What else?... Hey, I was interviewed at Newdoom on 2002. HERE is it, and that's all.

You can do what you want with any of my stuff, as long as you give me credit and you tell where you had it.
 I ask you also to give the text file, even if you modify it.
It's all a matter of respect...
Jive, Manaus (Amazonia), Dec 22, 2006

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 AT - About Tolwyn
an interview with
David "Tolwyn" Shaw

"Ok. I suck at interviews" (dated February 03, 2007)

----- Original Message -----
From: Jean-Yves "Jive" Delpech
To: David "Tolwyn" Shaw
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 8:43 AM
Subject: Re: Tolwyn at Doom Legacy Wads - Interview for doomwadstation.net?

Thank you a lot !!!
So, here is the interview.
Thank you by advance for your answers.
We (Bob Larkin, the owner of doomwadstation.net, and me) will inform you of its publication as soon as possible.
Please, send me an acknowledgment of delivery of this email. Thank you!

1) if you must present yourselves at somebody who does not know you, what would you say? And why such a nickname: "Tolwyn"?
I'm now a 35 year old father of a 5 year old. I still do music, but not for any projects. I sort of missed the boat when the recording software technology boom occured. In a time where most of us were using analogue recording techniques, there was many younger and more adept folks realizing that there were a lot of software and computer-related recording techniques coming out. I didn't keep up with it, and have been trying to play catch up ever since.
That and recording music now isn't as much of a passion anymore. Doom inspired me. The gaming scene for PCs was so new at the time. I really focused my attention on it and immediately moved toward General MIDI recording.

2) When are you interested in Doom and why?
I first saw Doom when I had moved back from college in 1993. My friend, JR Dietz, my band director from my highschool, showed me this game running on his 486. I immediately realized what potential this game had. It was the shareware version. It was at that point, between Doom and Star Wars: X-Wing, that I decided I needed to purchase a PC.

3) Are you still involved with Doom?
I am involved in creating levels now. If you go to WIP (Wads in Progress) at http://www.wadsinprogress.info/ you can find the two releases of my work. My main idiosynchrosy with Doom is to understand how everything works. From Patches, Texture Entries, Sprites, Binary Space Paritions.... I need to understand how it works. I never really created many levels, and later, when JDoom (Doomsday Source Port) came out, I re-discovered just how well this game was put together. This game allows the end user to apply a feature that many games today cannot... the end users' imagination. Also, with the release of DoomBuilder, the best, in my opinion, PWAD editor, it's just too damn easy to make new worlds.
I now create maps with new textures, features, but hardly ever new music. Kind of wierd for me, I know. You can see some of my technical writing from Dr. Sleep's page at newdoom.com.

4) On the text files accompanying your wads, you wrote:
"Music contributor to: TeamTNT Icarus, Bloodlands, Grievance, Pursuit, Memento Mori 2, Gothic DM, Gothic DM2, Strain, The Talosian Incident, Requiem, and probably several others."

I would be pleased if you could give us more details (the list of your musics), and where it is possible to listen them.

That is the complete list of all of my MIDI work... I think. Also, you can find many remasters at http://www.tolwyn.com in the downloads section.

5) do you have created other wads else than "Outpost Recon" (tolwyn01.wad) on 02/05/2004, and "An Affinity For Pain" (tolwyn02.wad) on 08/25/2004?
Well, yes. When WADED came out, there was this book that came out with it. I can't remember the name of it, but I know I have 3 copies of it somewhere throughout the house. I was at my wife's best friend graduation in Pullman or some other Washington State university. I walked to the car, sat in the passenger seat, and read this 3-inch book from cover to cover. They had example PWADs in there. I used those as a template to create the VERY SAME levels in the book. I released them, embarassingly, and then released my first actual custom map, insrt02.wad. I also did a lot of clean up work on all the TeamTNT DeathMatch levels. Now, please understand, this was not creative in nature, but technical in nature. I'd flip linedefs, sidedefs, fix tags. Fix sector references, all that stuff.

6) You are surely advised of the existence of Doom Builder, made by Gherkin (Pascal vd Heiden, aka CodeImp). Do you think that such a tool is easy enough to make good pwads? More generally, what is a good wad for you? And what is bad for you?
Doombuilder is the best wad editor I've ever used. Before I discovered it, I contemplated installing Win95 or Win98 to utilize DETH again. No other PWAD editor is as easy to use and as well-organized from a programmer's point of view, than Doombuilder. Period. End of Story.
A good PWAD for me has a story. Has no errors. Has no texture mis-alignments, accomodates COOP play, utilizes difficulty levels and item countes appropriately, and architecture, architecture, architecture. Two of my all-time favorite PWADS of all time is Return to Phobos and Fava Beans. This maps create an "area" or an "environment" that I can believe in! I need to feel like the place exists. Coop play is what really "makes" Doom for me. The same goes for Quake2, which to me will ALWAYS be Doom3.

7) Another great composer of music for Doom was making the same work at the same time than you. It was Mark Klem, also author of the famous "Cringe.wad". Did you fight one against the other, or were you friends?
We are friends. I invited him to my wedding this last June. I first heard his music with Memento Mori 1. I knew immediately that he had an ability that I would never have. I have to work at creating music. I have to put forth great effort or inspiration to create a good tune. Mark on the other hand, is a pure natural. I love the guy. He knows it, too. As a matter of fact, I'm cc'ing this interview to him right now! How's it going, biznatch?? I took a tape of his to a trip in Alaska with my first wife back in 1997. I listened to it the whole time. One fundamental difference between Mark and I is that I "play" all my parts. I'm a pianists. Mark is a composer, through and through. The guy literally points and clicks all those flippin' notes. It impresses the bejeezus out of me. He has a natural talent for composition. Here is something I've never said in an interview. It was Klem's work on Memento Mori I that literally GOT ME INTO WRITING MUSIC FOR DOOM. Period.

8) Could you plan to create wads again?
If I had the time, yes. My main problem is that I'm pulled too many different ways with things I enjoy and not enough time to apply to those pursuits.

9) What you think owing to the fact that Doom is always also well alive 12 years after its creation?
It's a good game. It has good game play and replayability. It has coop support. It has a great set of different developers creating excellent sourceports for it. It changed the gaming industry.

10 What are the best pwad and the worst one that you have ever played?
The FIRST custom one I ever played was spankme.wad or spank10.wad or something. I used to run a DM ladder on a BBS in 1994. The best PWAD is still Memento Mori 1. The second best is Dario and Milo Casali's Final Doom "The Plutonia Experiment". After that, it's still MM2. Gothic DM 1 and 2, shit. There's a ton of great endeavors, but those stand out as the best. MM1 was and will always be the best achievement ever done, given the timeframe, of Doom. Steve McCrea, Simon Wall, & Elias Papavassilopoulos did the Trinity trilogy. That was an awesome set of maps, as well. TNT always does quality work, but it doesn't have the continuity of the other projects.

11) Is there a question which you would have liked to answer? If so, which is and that you would have liked to answer?
Nope. I'm good. Good interview!

I would be pleased if you could ask to Mark to contact me, so that I will be able to propose the same kind of interview to him. Thank you!
You are, both of you, as well important for the Doom world than the official creator of the musics for Doom, Bobby Prince.

Here that, Mark?

----- Original Message -----
From: David "Tolwyn" Shaw
To: Jean-Yves Delpech
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 9:17 PM
Subject: Re: Tolwyn at Doom Legacy Wads - Interview for doomwadstation.net?
Oh. Yeah.

I'd be happy to give an interview.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jean-Yves Delpech
To: David "Tolwyn" Shaw
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 5:34 PM
Subject: Fw: Tolwyn at Doom Legacy Wads - Interview for doomwadstation.net?

did you receive this email?
a friend of mine said me that she wasn't receiving any answer from me, thus I did it

----- Original Message -----
From: Jean-Yves "Jive" Delpech
To: David "Tolwyn" Shaw
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 2:02 PM
Subject: Tolwyn at Doom Legacy Wads - Interview for doomwadstation.net?

Hello David.

Nice to talk to you again.
I'm replying one more time to your email, for the only purpose to let you remember who I am.
But, let me report firstly to you a bug on your site:
Tolwyn.com: Private Messages

After this bug's report, which his quite normal for a young forum (lol), let me refresh your memory: I'm Jive, from Doom Legacy Wads (aka DLW). I'm currently creating a new website dedicated to GZDoom: GZDoom Wads , here: http://gzdoom.doomwadstation.net/

But I have also another activity, from the doomwadstation.net side, with Bob Larkin, its owner and maintainer. We plan to make interviews of "heroes" being a great part of the Doom Family.
Would you agree to give an interview to doomwadstation.net?
Thank you by advance of your answer, positive or not!

I wish you a nice day with your beloved family.

P.S. : I liked a lot your previous site, but it seems to be down, or replaced with the actual one.
I find nothing related to your activity of mapper, for example. Thus, you have an entry at DLW, here:
And I will be pleased to find more stuff related to Doom on your site. Hey, you were deeply involved with Doom, right?
And Doom is still very well alive!!!

----- Original Message -----
From: David "Tolwyn" Shaw
To: dlw@newdoom.com
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2004 6:57 PM
Subject: Tolwyn
 For your doom family thing:
Tolwyn (2005)

If you need to know what part I've played in Doom, let me know. ;)

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